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On occasion, trees can obstruct a breathtaking view. Skillful planning and maintenance will allow your trees to complement the landscape and frame magnificent portraits for you to enjoy. Through careful pruning, VTM Arborists preserves the natural beauty of your trees while enhancing lines of sight. Only approved ANSI techniques of crown or interior thinning, as well as crown reduction, are used so the health and structure of your trees are never compromised.

Tree PreservationTree Preservation

Improper pruning can shorten the life of a tree. An inaccurate tree health assessment can result in diseased limbs, compromised structural integrity, and the demise of your beautiful tree. VTM Arborists preserves your tree’s health by approaching the tree as a complete biological system, considering every element from top to bottom – tree canopy to roots to the surrounding soil. Whether the diagnosis calls for selective pruning, insect or fungal inoculation, or removal of diseased branches, we take a scientific approach to preserving the natural beauty of your tree.

Soil NutritionSoil Nutrition

Experiencing unusually high levels of rain, as we have in the Valley, can rob soil of important nutrients. Proper soil conditions are critical to maintaining healthy, beautiful trees. VTM Arborists focuses on nourishing and revitalizing depleted soil in order to create the optimal conditions for growth. Thorough soil analysis and deep root fertilization are among the many techniques we employ to restore and maintain the vitality of your tree.

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