safe_thumb11Storm Threat

Four distinct seasons make life in the Shenandoah Valley lively, beautiful, and at times, unpredictable. Every year downed trees resulting from storm winds and precipitation cause costly damage to homes, autos, shelters, and other valuable property. There is no way to control Mother Nature, but the experts at VTM Arborists can help to mitigate potential loss through very specific techniques, such as crown thinning, cabling, and crown reduction. When properly executed, these measures can provide you peace of mind, and help your tree to weather  the storm.

Storm ThreatProximity Hazards

Trees growing in close proximity to homes or other structures may threaten personal property and even lives. This makes hazardous tree assessments an imperative exercise that should be performed regularly by a certified Arborist. VTM Arborists has decades of experience evaluating risk and is equipped to promptly address any threats that require action, whether by crown thinning, clearance pruning, or tree removal, in the most critical cases. Each of these services is performed safely according to ANSI standards with the highest degree of  professionalism and regard for your property.

Damaged Root SystemsDamaged Root Systems

Often the greatest threat to trees and property lies below the surface and can go undetected until a storm hits. Trees lacking proper nutrients or those bombarded by harmful pests or fungi have a high risk of failure. VTM Arborists will carefully assess the health of the tree’s root system, analyze the composition of the surrounding soil, and assess the tree’s structural integrity in order to determine what your tree needs. Often vertical mulching and aeration can ease the stress on damaged root systems. VTM recommends tree removal when damage is severe and beyond repair.

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