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A tree risk assessment in Waynesboro, VA can help determine whether or not trees on your property pose a risk to your home. Trees that are healthy and properly maintained will last a lifetime, but a tree that is diseased or dying can actually bring down the value of your home and put your safety in jeopardy.

VTM Arborists provides fast and accurate tree risk assessments throughout all of Waynesboro. Our ISA certified arborist will work alongside of you to determine which trees pose a risk and need to be removed.

When it comes to our risk assessments, you can rest assured knowing that they are accurate and that our arborist looked at all trees on your property. We will advise you as to which trees pose what risk and whether or not it is a top priority to remove the tree.

If you want to have an accurate tree risk assessment in Waynesboro, VA performed, contact VTM Arborists today to schedule a free estimate.

Reasons for Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment

There are many different reasons why you need to have a tree risk assessment performed. For starters, you should always have one performed to determine the actual risk level of the trees on your property. You may think one tree is growing properly, but it may actually be dying and ready to fall.

The next reason is because trees that are already weak are susceptible to storm damage and if a storm hits, your tree may topple over onto your home, car, or driveway and place your family at risk. Our risk assessment will determine whether trimming and pruning needs to be performed or if the tree needs to be removed.

Lastly, a correctly performed tree risk assessment will help you better care for the trees on your property. For example, the assessment may find that one of your trees has a disease or pest. Our arborist can then work with you to treat the problem and nurse the tree back to health.

If you are in need of a tree risk assessment in Waynesboro, VA, call our office today.

Tree Risk Assessment Pricing

When it comes to the price of a tree risk assessment there are different factors that are taken into consideration. One of the first price factors is how many trees you need to have looked at. Sometimes a property only has a handful of trees while another property may have hundreds of trees.

Another pricing factor to consider is whether or not the company charges a flat fee or by the hour. Both ways are acceptable and practiced. Sometimes, the company will require a minimum price or minimum number of hours.

Lastly, the price is affected by whether or not the assessment can be done easily or if it will require additional services. For example, you may need to have the soil tested or amended and this can add to the cost.

If you are interested in having a tree risk assessment in Waynesboro, VA performed, call VTM Arborists now to get a free estimate.

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We’ll Identify Any Risks Your Trees Pose

We know how important your property is to you and we will provide you with thorough and detailed tree risk assessments. Each of our reports outlines and identifies any possible risk that a tree may pose to your property.

If you do have a tree that is a risk, our expert tree removal team can remove it from your property safely. If you have any questions about any of your trees, our ISA certified arborist is ready to work alongside of you.

We have over 25 years of experience in the tree industry and provide a wide variety of services including pest control for your tree, girdling root removal, cabling services, and much more. If you are looking for a fast and accurate tree risk assessment in Waynesboro, VA, call VTM Arborists today to receive your free estimate.

If you are interested in having a tree or two removed from your property, contact VTM Arborists today for a free estimate.