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Your tree’s health depends on proper tree trimming & pruning in Waynesboro, VA. Without the proper and require trimming and pruning, your tree will become overgrown quickly and it may even pose a risk to your property.

VTM Arborists is dedicated to performing the correct tree trimming and pruning services to ensure that all of the trees on your property are healthy and well maintained. In fact, all of our tree climbers have the best equipment to help them get into your trees to get the job done right.

If you are ready to peek outside and see beautiful, healthy, thriving trees in your yard, contact VTM Arborists today for a free estimate for service.

Reasons for Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Trimming & Pruning

There are many different reasons why you need to have tree trimming and pruning performed on your trees. The first reason is because your trees should not be able to grow out of control. When they do, you will find that the branches become entangled in surrounding wires, which poses a risk to your home.

Another reason to have the service performed is because regular trimming and pruning will boost the value of your property. A poorly maintained tree is not one that homeowners want on their property.

Lastly, tree trimming and pruning will help to protect your property from falling branches and tree debris. If a large branch falls on your home, you may find that it damages your roof or window, leaving you with not only a mess, but a large bill to fix it all.

If you are interested in our tree trimming & pruning in Waynesboro, VA, call our office today.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Pricing

There are several different cost factors that are worked into the price of tree trimming and pruning for your trees. One of the first factors is how many trees you need to have pruned. The more trees you have, the higher the cost.

Next, pricing is determined based on how overgrown the tree is and whether or not you need to have additional services performed to it as well. If your tree requires a lot of trimming, it will cost more than a tree that has been regularly maintained.

Lastly, the price will fluctuate based on whether or not you need VTM Arborists to come out on an emergency basis or a routine basis. If an emergency trimming and pruning is needed, it will cost more than a trim that can be done based on open availability.

If you are interested in the best tree trimming & pruning in Waynesboro, VA, call VTM Arborists today for a free estimate.

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Let us Care for Your Trees

VTM Arborists is the answer to all of your tree trimming and pruning services. Our experts are skilled in all types of pruning from thinning out dense leaf coverage to crowning the tops of your trees.

Whether you want to have your tree trimmed away from power lines or you want to have your tree sculpted and shaped, our team is up for the challenge. Each of our tree trimmers has the right equipment and tools to perform the job and we have won the ISA Mid-Atlantic climbing championship twice.

With our 25 years plus of experience, we know how to properly care for your tree and promote growth all year long. Our certified arborists are ready to work with you and educate you about the best fertilization and watering practices.

In addition to our trimming and pruning services, we also offer tree spraying, cabling, and girdling root removal. If you are in need of tree trimming & pruning in Waynesboro, VA, call VTM Arborists today for your free estimate.

If you are interested in having a tree or two removed from your property, contact VTM Arborists today for a free estimate.